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Dr. Shuchi Grover was the TIER-ED Speaker for Spring 2021. She is a learning scientist and a CS/STEM education researcher, formerly at SRI and Stanford and now working as  Senior Research Scientist at Looking Glass Ventures in Palo Alto, CA. Her recent research is centered on advancing an understanding of STEM+Computing integration in PK-12; promoting computational thinking for neurodiverse learners, building capacity for formative assessment among CS teachers, and addressing gender equity in CS through engagement in exciting emerging topics such as cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and IoT. Dr. Grover's talk was on Friday, May 7th at 1 pm. It was online and well attended. Her talk was titled “Realizing the Promise of (STEM and non-STEM) Disciplinary Integration with Computing”. Dr. Grover shared a suite of pedagogical strategies for meaningful integration of computing and disciplinary learning in PreK-12 CS and STEM classrooms.


Dr. Jeremy Roshcelle (Executive Director, Learning Sciences Research, Digital Promise) was the TIER-ED speaker for Fall2019. Dr. Roschelle applies learning science theories and methods to understand how, when, and why technology can enable improved teaching and learning. He has 25 years of research experience and is nationally and internationally recognized for groundbreaking research in computer-supported collaborative learning; learning with connected, mobile devices; and technology in mathematics learning. In this talk, he spoke on "How can we work towards an impact at scale and that spreads across geographies?” He shared insights from three large-scale randomized controlled trials related to math learning with technology. Along with that, he shared key ideas from two recent literature review projects which looked at examples of successful research with technology at scale in both math and science. 

TIER-ED Speaker Jim Slotta

TIER-ED Speaker Series had its first speaker Dr. Jim Slotta in April 2019.  Dr. Slotta is Professor and President’s Chair in Knowledge Technologies at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto. He has developed a pedagogical model known as Knowledge Community and Inquiry (KCI), in which students investigate a phenomenon or issue within project-based learning (PBL) context. His talk was titled “Designing for Collective Inquiry: Theoretical Models, Smart Classrooms, Embedded Phenomena and Other Adventures”. The talk presented ten years' progress in developing and researching KCI model at the University of Toronto. KCI fits within a broader theoretical area of learning communities, in which students work collectively to advance their ideas and share resources. Dr. Slotta’s work has explored the most effective designs for collective inquiry, with an emphasis on the learning sciences construct of scripting and orchestration. In KCI, the teacher is responsible for orchestration, but shares the load with the technology environment and the physical learning space. Dr. Slotta reviewed theory and highlighted his efforts to formally articulate scripts, and scaffold the orchestration of collaborative and collective inquiry activities.


Ideological proclivities in learning technologies: What “else” do we teach and learn when we use technology in the classroom?

Speaker: Dr. Thomas M. Philip (Professor, Graduate School of Education, University of Berkeley)

Friday, December 3, 2021
Time: 1:00 p.m.
Location: Room 22, College of Education (1310 S Sixth St., Champaign)

You can also join via Zoom. Please email for the link.


TIER-ED Community Meetings in 2020-21

The pandemic required us to make changes to our community meeting format but we continued to hold them through 2020-21. We had speakers form across campus share their work and our TIER-ED Graduate Fellows shared their research progress. TIER-ED awarded pilot projects shared updates on the changes in their plans and hurdles in their project that occurred due to the pandemic. Some of our lightning talks were from Dr. Madhu Viswanathan (Business), Dr. Nathan Castillo (Education), and Dr. Nigel Bosch (ISchool). Emilie Butt from CU Community FabLab informed us how it has evolved and adapted to the online context in COVID times. Dr. Chad Lane and Dr. Jennifer Cromley, shared their experience of modifying research and they were joined by Christopher Davies, Human Subjects Research Specialist at the Office of the Protection of Research Subjects. He shared insights into the adaptations at their office to accommodate the changing IRB needs due to COVID-19. We also had Dr. Meg Bates, Director at Illinois Workforce and Education Research Collaborative (IWERC). She talked about the works of IWERC and possible collaborations with TIER-ED affiliates. Dr. Marcia Pool and Dr. Rex Gaskins from Cancer Center at Illinois also presented at one our meetings and wanted to identify synergies and possible collaborative research activities with TIER-ED affiliates.    

Past Lightning talks

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