H Chad Lane, Interim Director and Associate Professor, Educational Psychology

Robb Lindgren, Director (On Leave January to June 2019) and Associate Professor, Curriculum & Instruction

Tabassum Amina, Postdoctoral Research Associate

TIER-ED Steering Committee 

William Trent, Professor, Education Policy Organization and Leadership

Gabrielle Allen, Professor, Curriculum & Instruction, Associate Dean of Research

Lisa Monda-Amaya, Professor, Special Education, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Program

Michelle Perry, Professor, Education Psychology

TIER-ED Community 

Faculty from across University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign in disciplines ranging from education and sociology to computer science and other Sciences – are part of the TIER-ED initiative. We want our community to grow and it is easy to become a TIER-ED affiliate. All you have to do is email us with your information and why you want to be an affiliate.   


Robert Baird, Assistant Professor of Media and Cinema Studies and Associate Director, Instructional Spaces & Technologies CITL

Lisa Bievenue, Assistant Director, Illinois Informatics

David Brown, Associate Professor, Curriculum & Instruction

Nathan Castillo, Assistant Professor, Education Policy, Organization and Leadership

Yasemin Cicek, Graduate Student, Curriculum & Instruction

Bill Cope, Professor, Education Policy Organization and Leadership

Jennifer Cromley, Professor, Educational Psychology

Cynthia D'Angelo, Assistant Professor, Educational Psychology

Ogze Evcen, Graduate Student, Curriculum & Instruction

Jeff Ginger, Director of CU Community Fab Lab

Raya Hegeman-Davis, I-STECS Coordinator

Amanda Henderson, Beckman Research Staff 

Geoffrey Herman, Teaching Assistant Professor, Computer Science

Denice Hood, Director of Online Programs and Teaching Associate Professor, Education Policy Organization and Leadership

Barbara Hug, Teaching Associate Professor, Curriculum & Instruction         

Jeremy Jones, Director of Infrastructure and Support, Education Administration

Bryan Jonker, Senior Web Developer, Education Administration

Daniel Katz, Assistant Director for Scientific Software and Applications, NCSA  

Susan Kelly, Graduate Student, Curriculum & Instruction

Stina Krist, Assistant Professor, Curriculum & Instruction

H Chad Lane, Associate Professor, Educational Psychology

Todd Lash, Graduate Student, Special Education

Luettamae Lawrence, Graduate Student, Curriculum & Instruction

Nitasha Mathayas, Graduate Student, Curriculum & Instruction

Deana McDonagh, Professor, Industrial Design    

Hedda Meadan-Kaplansky, Associate Professor, Special Education

Emma Mercier, Associate Professor, Curriculum & Instruction

Jamie Nelson, Senior eLearning Professional, CITL   

Beth Niswander, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Bureau of Educational Research

Luc Paquette, Assistant Professor, Curriculum & Instruction

Judith Pintar, Visiting Assistant Professor, Sociology  

James Planey, Graduate Student, Curriculum & Instruction

Adam Poetzel, Instructor, Curriculum & Instruction 

George Reese, Director of MSTE, Curriculum and Instruction

Randall Sadler, Associate Professor, Linguistics

Stephanie Sroczynski, Graduate Student, Curriculum & Instruction

Liz Stine-Morrow, Professor, Educational Psychology

Leona Su, Assistant Professor, Advertising

Mike Tissenbaum, Assistant Professor, Curriculum and Instruction

Ross Toedte, Graduate Student, Educational Psychology   

Bill Trent, Professor, Education Policy Organization and Leadership

Mike Twidale, Professor, School of Information Sciences

Anastasia Tzirides (Olnancy), Graduate Student, Education Policy Organization and Leadership

Robert Wallon, Graduate Student, Curriculum & Instruction

Jim Wentworth, eLearning Professional, CITL

Mike Yao, Associate Professor, Advertising

Sherry Yi, Graduate Student, Educational Psychology

Yingbin Zhang, Graduate Student, Curriculum & Instruction

Xiaoyun Zhuang (Xiao), Graduate Student, Curriculum & Instruction

Craig Zilles, Associate Professor, Computer Science