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Lisa Bievenue, Director, Illinois Informatics

Nigel Bosch, Assistant Professor, iSchool ›

statistics and machine learning to model emotion, engagement, and learning, automatic emotion detection from facial expressions, measurement of emotion during computer programming education;

Nicholas Burbules, Professor, Education Policy, Organization and Leadership ›

new technologies in education; virtual reality; collaboration; dialogue and "third spaces."

Jennifer Cromley, Associate Professor, Educational Psychology ›

LMS-based educational interventions, meta-analysis of learning with multimedia;

Catherine Dornfeld Tissenbaum, Assistant Professor ›

Collaboration and learning with people, tools, and technology in formal and informal learning environments, distributed scaffolding, influence of social and cultural factors on learning

Geoffrey Herman, Teaching Associate Professor, Computer Science ›

how students learn engineering and computing concepts and studying processes for creating systemic change in how engineering and computer science are taught in college settings;

Daniel S. Katz, Chief Scientist, NCSA ›

citation and credit mechanisms and practices associated with software and data, organization and community practices for collaboration and career paths for computing researchers

Kyungwon Koh, Associate Professor, iSchool ›

Youth learning, agency/empowerment, and community engagement through libraries, museums, schools, and other community organizations; information literacy; the maker movement in libraries and education

H Chad Lane, Associate Professor, Educational Psychology ›

Technology-enhanced informal learning, AI and education, educational games, pedagogical agents, interest and engagement in STEM learning, creative problem solving

Leon Liebenberg, Teaching Associate Professor, Mechanical Science and Engineering

Sean Mullen, Associate Professor, Kinesiology and Community Health ›

incorporation of Lab incorporation of tech in cognitive and behavioral assessment; cognitive and movement-based interventions;

Jamie Nelson, Senior e-Learning Professional

George Reese, Director, MSTE ›

Partnering with schools to implement technology-supported mathematics and science education

Christopher Seals, Assistant Professor, Veterinary Clinical Medicine ›

motivational factors in learning, pedagogical scope of instructors to explore innovative and modern teaching practices to reach varied learners, STEM teacher practices, psychological interventions and professional development impacting achievement and motivation of both students and teachers

Kevin Wise, Professor, Advertising ›

psychology underlying interactive media use

Ava Wolf, e-learning Professional

Mike Yao, Professor, Digital Media ›

Technology mediated social behavior